Monday, February 28, 2011

Episode 24!

Episode 24 of The Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero gets rescued by a hot chick with a gun.

Here’s an excerpt:
Tattoo girl raised the knife, ready to end my misery. I just stared and drooled. Claire, Mary, the Job. Everything I ever loved or regretted. It all went by in a flash. Would I fade? About to find out. The blade begins its downward arc.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Free Story Time

I have made my short story, Devil May Care, published in Jim Baen's Universe, available as a fully illustrated pdf file free off of my website, Normally you would have to pay a fee to access it off of the JBU web site, but since the site went belly up (moment of silence, please), I thought, what the hell?

I've been meaning to do this for a couple of months, but I first had to figure out how to enable this via the web site software I use. And I finally took the time to do it. So enjoy! It's a cool, darkly humorous story if I say so myself.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Blog Spot

I'm blogging about story ideas over at Abandoned Towers Magazine today. Y'all stop by now!

Here's the intro:

With Valentine’s Day just passed, hopefully you have shown enough forethought to have given your loved one some heartfelt token of your esteem such that you are not now dwelling in the proverbial (and let us hope it is no more than that) doghouse. But if you happen to find yourself in that most sorrowful of canine abodes, don’t sit and mope. Use your solitary time and put those feelings of love, bitterness and utter remorse to good use. No, I don’t mean pig out on Doritos. Write about it! Some of the best stories come from emotional anguish, or disastrous circumstances. And just to get you started, here are a few ideas culled from actual news items involving just such weighty themes:

Click on over!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Antho update

As some of you may know, there's a short story I subbed about 3 years ago that's still floating around in the ether. Well, the author/editor who has it actually posted on her blog last week that she is going through the submissions. Yes, very exciting, this is the first I've heard her mention it in like a year. So this gives me hope! I had just about given this one up for dead.

Just a few days later, the author/editor announced she is starting her own publishing company. I have no idea how this affects my little 'ol story that she's been sitting on. Hopefully it doesn't. We'll see...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Episode 23!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Feel the love from the Dark InSpectre.

Episode 23 is online, in which our hero continues his friendly dance with his new buddy, only to find that things don’t look so good when the music stops.

Here’s an excerpt:
The kid who killed his big brother, turning himself into a crazed tel death machine, looked at me with puppy dog eyes. “Oh, Marco.” That was when my link failed. The energy required to keep projecting the image just ran out.

Torch was back. “Spook trick,” he hissed.