Monday, August 31, 2009

Episode 3 live

Calm down y'all! You know I wouldn't leave you hangin'!

Episode 3 of my Dark InSpectre series is now live. Immerse yourselves.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trying to keep pace

Work keeps getting crazier exponentially. My foundation's big annual meeting is late September, so everything gets busier and busier the closer we get to the meeting. As such, I have not been able to do much with the short story I've been working on. I'm at the climactic scene, naturally. But I'm also a bit stumped about a relatively simple plot point. Oh well, I'm sure it will come to me. Problem is that my brain is so preoccupied with normal work stuff there's not much time to think about my own writing. That's definitely been a problem at various times, just finding time to think about a story, or a character, or whatever. Oh well!

In the meantime, the next episode for my Dark InSpectre series goes up on Monday. That'll be the third one. I have no idea if it's being well received, or received at all. I haven't seen it mentioned on either of the web sites that said they'd post an announcement, and I'm pondering when to bug them about it.

And at the same time, Damnation Books premieres on Sept. 1, next Tuesday! My story the Killer Within will officially be unveiled. I feel like I haven't done anything in preparation. And I'm not really sure what there is to be done.

I did, however, find this new social community that looks promising:

Get this, my membership is pending approval! Ha! I might get turned down! It's like high school all over again. But this does seem like a good venue for promoting my stuff. We'll see...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The waiting game

As I'm working on my continuing Dark InSpectre series, I have four other stories that are at various stages in the submission process at different publications, from just submitted to nine months and counting. The one that's been gathering dust the longest may be seeing a glimmer of daylight.

There was an anthology that came out last fall called Wolfsongs. The editor announced that she had so many good stories, several that didn't make it into the first volume would be held to go into a planned second volume (of course there were no guarantees, but the chances would be very good). My story was among the ones she's been holding onto.

Then came radio silence for a long while. This was because said editor, who is a fairly prolific author, got busy with her own books. I've been following her general progress on her blog (what else can an obsessive author do?) and she has just finished her latest book. She says that she will now turn to other projects. It is my hope that one of these will be the long awaited Wolfsongs 2.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To market, to market...

Since I started my Dark InSpectre series, I've been trying to figure out the best way to get the word out. In other words, how do I market this thing?

I've started this blog (no idea if anyone reads it), sent out announcements via my own e-mail list, which has gotten some response, I post on twitter, several facebook areas, and a popular sci-fi discussion board.

In the last day or two, I've run across some other opportunities. A web site I encountered through Damnation Books called Rites of Romance Reviews is going to put up an announcement for me. And just today, this far out site called the Horror Happenings Examiner agreed to run a blurb and an announcement.

So is all this activity going to get more eyes on my deserving series? No idea. And if it does, how will I even know? Not too sure about that either.

But at least I'm trying. Anyone with more know-how than me (which is probably most people) feel free to make some suggestions.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Episode 2 is up

That's right, you know you want it. Episode 2 of my Dark InSpectre series is up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ups and Downs

Now that I'm back from vacation, things have been absolutely crazy at work. I have barely enough time to think.

Still, some interesting things have happened. First, on my editor's advice, I revamped and expanded Episode 4 of my Dark InSpectre series. It's almost completely new. I had a blast writing it. Felt great.

Then, I got a rejection on a story I've been waiting to hear about. I submitted something to Black Gate when they re-opened for a brief time. Black Gate is one of the few really good markets for sword and sorcery fiction, and I thought I had a good chance with my story. Turns out I did have a good chance. The rejection letter from editor John O'Neill was unbelievably complementary. I have to re-print it:


Thanks for the submission. I was very impressed with this one --it's fast paced and exciting, with a great opening. However, it's not as original in character and setting as a handful of others we're currently considering, and I found the exposition a little flat. I'm afraid I'll have to return it, with genuine regrets. We hope to re-open to submissions next year, and I hope we'll see something new from you. Warm regards,

- John

I was saddened that I just missed the cut. But honestly, these are the kind of rejection letters that give me hope and keep me doing what I'm doing.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from the beyond

Just got back from vacation today. It was rather tumultuous, but I won't bore you with the details.

Instead, I have to talk about something I learned as I was perusing the Baen's Universe site a few days ago. Baen's Universe gave me my first (and to this day my only) pro sale. I owe a lot to them, and especially the unique writer's group that formed around the Baen's Universe slush submission site. I cannot overstate how much my writing has benefited from them over the past several years. So you can imagine my surprise when I read Eric Flint's editorial stating that Baen's Universe is closing down.

I literally gasped when I read that. To put it simply, their business model based on different subscription levels just was not working. Their last issue will be some time next year. A lot of eyes were on Baen's Universe to see if a SciFi fiction based web magazine that paid pro rates and attracted big time names could last. After 4 years of stellar publishing, the answer in this case is, sadly, no.

The silver lining here is that the slush submission writer's group will be continuing on, just without the possibility of a sale to Baen's Universe. I have to say this is just as important to me. The story I'm working on now I fully intend to post on the Baen web board when it's done. And I expect the same critical, constructive feedback that has helped me in the past. At least in that sense what they started will live on.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Episode 1 posted

At last, the first Episode has been unleashed. Take a click:

I uploaded it to the website from my wife's computer at work. Unfortunately, her network blocks facebook and twitter, so my promotional spots through those avenues will have to wait until tonight. And now my week-long vacation begins. I'll be checking in from the beach, though, never fear!