Saturday, October 30, 2010

Killer Within News

Couple of cool things about my short story The Killer Within, published as an e-book by Damnation Books last year. I happened to do a google search just to see what's happening with it, and found out the following: It's now offered on Scribd. I'm not entirely sure what Scribd is, but it sounds pretty cool. Also, The Killer Within is the featured book on the web site World of Books, so that's another cool thing. Glad the story is still seeing some life, it gave rise to the character and setting of the novel I'm currently writing. So yay!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Story Acceptance

I'm rollin' baby! Got another story accepted. This one is for a different anthology called Best Left Buried: A Cursed Anthology. It's also being published by Static Movement. The story was something I'd written like six years ago and set aside and forgotten. But I saw the theme of the anthology and dusted it off, cut out about 1,700 words and re-vamped it slightly and subbed it in. And voila! The story was originally titled Zombies are Stupid, but I re-titled it: The Emerald Heart. And yes, it's chock full of zombie goodness. The anthology is not very full right now, so it probably won't publish till next year, which is fine, I'm in no rush. I'll also try and help out by posting the submission call in a few places. And in the meantime, here's the cover, it's way cool!

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Episode: The Dark InSpectre

Episode 15 of The Dark InSpectre has hit the internets, in which our hero gets to lead the big case, albeit under unsettling circumstances.

Here’s an excerpt:
Captains Haggerty and Roberts both nodded dully. In moments, the room was pristine, not a trace of Walter’s suffocating aura, like it had never happened. I stared at him. He looked back at me, his face unreadable.

I hope this shows I’m on your side, Jack. Now take this investigation wherever it leads. I expect results.

Yes sir, thank you sir.

Our private communication ended. Wonderful Walter being on my side was a little scary, I decided.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Story Acceptance!

I am totally psyched to report that I had a story accepted a couple days ago! Woohoo! The story is called The Devil You Know, and it's a sequel to Devil May Care, my first and only pro sale to Baen's Universe back in 2006. I wrote The Devil You Know a while ago and it's been kicking around for some time, searching for the right market, without much success. It's a very dark, comedic, spooky tale, like the first one. Thing is, I think it's actually a better story than the first one.

At any rate, I saw this submission call for an anthology titled: Christmas Fear, Spooky Stories for the Holidays, and I sent it off immediately. I got an acceptance e-mail within the hour! I know, crazy, right? The publisher is Static Movement, which has been putting out a lot of anthologies lately, and I think it will be available through Pill Hill Press, too. Not exactly sure when it will be published, but seeing as it's a holiday anthology, I'm assuming either this holiday season or next. Anyway, the cover has already been designed, and it's way cool. Here's a jpg. More soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Bloggin'

Hey y'all, I'm guest bloggin' over at Abandoned Towers today, more cool story ideas gleaned from the news items I pore through every day in my job as a news editor.

Check it:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Episode 14

The Dark InSpectre, Episode 14 is now online, in which our hero has to do a song and dance in front of his superiors to get the big case.

Here's an excerpt:

“Gentlemen,” he said politely. “I believe we’re ignoring a few very important factors.” And then I sat back and observed as Walter’s psychic tendrils slowly uncoiled, extending around the room. I watched as he went to work, demonstrating how he earned himself the nickname “The Confessor.”