Saturday, October 16, 2010

Story Acceptance!

I am totally psyched to report that I had a story accepted a couple days ago! Woohoo! The story is called The Devil You Know, and it's a sequel to Devil May Care, my first and only pro sale to Baen's Universe back in 2006. I wrote The Devil You Know a while ago and it's been kicking around for some time, searching for the right market, without much success. It's a very dark, comedic, spooky tale, like the first one. Thing is, I think it's actually a better story than the first one.

At any rate, I saw this submission call for an anthology titled: Christmas Fear, Spooky Stories for the Holidays, and I sent it off immediately. I got an acceptance e-mail within the hour! I know, crazy, right? The publisher is Static Movement, which has been putting out a lot of anthologies lately, and I think it will be available through Pill Hill Press, too. Not exactly sure when it will be published, but seeing as it's a holiday anthology, I'm assuming either this holiday season or next. Anyway, the cover has already been designed, and it's way cool. Here's a jpg. More soon!

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