Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm back

I spent the past month building up to the busiest week of the year last week for work in Washington DC. And now it's over. I got back home yesterday and took today off, dropped my youngest off at school (pouring rain, of course), got back home in a daze, slept for another hour and a half. Got up around noon, posted the next episode of The Dark InSpectre (see previous post). Did some voice work for a series being produced by my fabulous editor Crystalwizard.

Now that I'm back and things are relatively calm again at work (until I go to Chicago in 6 weeks), I should be able to get back to some serious writing again. I started another episode of the Dark InSpectre at the airport on my way back from DC, and I need to get moving post haste. And of course there's the crime novel, which is the thing I've been neglecting the most. In somewhat cool news, I picked up another follower of my Dark InSpecter series, which brings the number to an overwhelming 5. In addition, my page views for the series broke the 2,000 mark today. I know, these are modest, even miniscule numbers, but it's how I try and encourage myself. So yay me!

The Dark InSpectre, Episode 13

After a hard week in Washington DC, I slept in and posted episode 13 of The Dark InSpectre, in which our hero realizes even the most fearless of inspecters is rendered gutless when it comes to one thing: women.

Here's an excerpt:
My hand jerked on the wheel and I almost swerved off the road. I took my foot off the gas and got the car under control, along with my breathing, which had suddenly stopped. The conjecture had been completely logical, but the implications were staggering.

“Slow down Jack,” I muttered as I pulled into the driveway at Mary’s place. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Yeah, I reminded myself, especially when a five foot three Irish chick might be waiting to kick my ass.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Bloggin'

I'm guest bloggin' over at Abandoned Towers about creative writing today, taking a few of the news items I see in my job as a news editor and turning them into cool SciFi stories. Dig it:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Episode 12 is Loose!

Episode 12 of The Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero discovers that some things can scare even the dead.

Here's an excerpt:

Question after question bobbed to the surface of my seething brain: What could scare a dead person? Who else was inside this guy? How did they get there? Why did Heske surface now?

The big one: was Heske going to kill again?

No answers magically came to me. I was swimming in uncharted waters, with only instinct to cling to, but with that came clarity: Killers killed. Heske wasn’t finished, not with that rage.

Lap it up, the fun's just getting started:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new sub out into the universe

Remember that story I got rejected where I asked the editor what she didn't like about the ending? Well she was nice enough to tell me what didn't work for her. How about that? Just goes to show you that some editors are actually nice people and willing to help writers trying to improve their craft.

Anyway, what she said did, in fact, make sense to me. So I've spent the last couple days working on it and polished the story up to a nice new-car sheen and now sent it out to another market. So hope once again springs eternal. Or at least until the next time it gets completely crushed, thereby ending all vestiges of hope. That's the spirit!!

Now I must get back to the next episode of the Dark InSpectre since this has put me behind schedule. Back to the grindstone...