Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pirates and Wickedness

I got a very strange email about a week and a half ago from the editor of Something Wicked Magazine, Joe Vaz. He wanted my initials on a release for my story to appear in their first anthology, because technically, the time limit on my original contract had run out. This was very interesting to me cuz while I knew they were doing an anthology, for some reason I didn't think my story was in it. But it is! Here's the cover, advance copies are already on sale, woohoo!

Is that cool or what? If you squint real hard, you can see my name among the authors. And in other news, I have learned that the second Pirates and Swashbucklers anthology will be coming out in September on...wait for it...Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sept. 19. Shoulda' known, right? It'll have my story, Treasure of the Moon Goddess, which I really like and hope everyone else does, too. So yay, things are happening!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 55 Online!

Man, has it been two weeks already?

I guess so cuz Episode 55 of the Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero tries to escape with his sister but gets caught in a rather slimy situation.

Here’s an excerpt:

There was a faint pitter-patter sound up ahead, almost like rain. We both recognized it and strode forward. I had my las-pistol pressed against the back of the guy’s head before he could zip up his pants. His hands reached for the sky and his trousers hit the ground.

I leaned in close, my gun pressing his forehead against the wall. “Where’s the girl?”

“I ain’t gonna…ungh!”

He doubled over from the shot Phil gave him to the kidneys. I grabbed him before he could trip over his pants, shoved him back against the wall.

I clicked off the safety on my las-pistol, let the whine build in the guy’s ear so he knew the gun was charging. “Last chance.”

Check the episode here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

New DIS Episode!

I'm very happy to say that I've gotten to the point in my Dark InSpectre series where the action is pretty well all blocked out until the very end. That means the main sequences are pretty firmly established in my head, and there's little actual "figuring out" left to do. So in other words, I can just let 'er rip!

Episode 54 of the Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero teams up to save his sister, but things don’t go exactly as planned.
Here’s an excerpt:
Of course they knew. The Nameless new everything, and Sam was a card carrying member.

She stepped back and I took stock of Phil. He vibed just as angry as me. Good.

I pointed at him. You were supposed to protect her.

He looked ready to throw down as he jabbed a finger right back at me. This is because of your narco investigation, not any of my associations. He crossed his arms and dialed it back a bit. But… given our relationship and Claire’s value both to you and to me… he paused, clamping down on the worry pouring out of him… I have been allowed to help retrieve her. He motioned toward a chair, conciliatory. Jack, it’s a three-man job. We can do this. Please let us help.
I sat.

Check the episode here.