Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dark InSpectre news

It was a simple facebook message from my editor over at Pro Se Press: The Dark InSpectre is moving forward. That's all I needed to hear. I've been excited about it for days. Turns out my editor has been buried in her wedding preparations and will get back to me in June about the manuscripts I have on hold at Pro Se. One is a YA fantasy, and the other is my noir sci fi series, The Dark InSpectre. So I've been way amped ever since I got that message, especially since I haven't heard anything fro Pro Se in a while.

In other news, It looks like in a couple of weeks I'll be able to start narrating all the episodes of The Dark InSpectre I haven't gotten to yet. I bought a spiffy new digital voice recorder just for the project. That way I can send all of the audio episodes to my friend Paul Cole who plays them on his radio station program up in Rockland Maine. And that also means something else I'm totally psyched about: audio disc. That's right, it's going to happen. There will be an audio disc of the Dark Inspectre. Paul has already expressed enthusiasm for promoting it. I haven't really talked about it with Pro Se, but why wouldn't they be into it, too?

And then of course there's the sequel to Badge of Lies which I have to get back to.  Here's the title: Pick and Roll. Yeah, I got a lot of projects for May and June. Time to get down to work!