Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving DIS!

Happy Thanksgiving ! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Personally, mine was pretty good. A whole lot of relatives came together in Brooklyn where I live and we all had a great dinner at a local restaurant. This was absolutely fab, since it enabled many of us to not eat turkey as a main dish (I am not a big fan of turkey).

Anyway, I am back and ready for action, starting with the next episode of The Dark InSpectre! in which our hero gets clean, the hard way.

Here’s an excerpt:
The hallucinations weren’t much fun either, things crawling all over me, faces leering at me, Phil, Mary, Claire. And Sam, which drove me into a fit of suicidal depression, but Hank in his wisdom had removed all sharp objects from the basement. There were others crowding in my head, Marcus Ames, Clark Haskell, some hood named Slats who I wasn’t sure I even knew. And a voice, someone I recognized but couldn’t quite place. It made no sense and just added to my general confusion.

In my more lucid moments I caught the news on the vid screen. Turns out I’d been declared missing after disappearing from New Arden General and both of my investigations had been suspended. I ground my teeth in frustration.

Check the episode here!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Episode 61!

Episode 61 of The Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero finds a safe place to dry out.
Here’s an excerpt:
Just a few more steps. I roused myself, concentrating on placing one foot in front of the other until I reached the back door, looking over my shoulder with every heartbeat.

I knocked, the door opened. Hank stood before me but he was just a dim blur as everything started fading. I collapsed and he caught me in his arms, his voice coming from a long dark tunnel before I blacked out. “The bastards got to ya, didn’t they?”

Check the episode here.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not Cool

I submitted a story to an anthology about 4 years ago. It wasn't picked, but it was good enough that the editor said it would be held for consideration pending the second volume of the anthology. So that was cool, the second volume was going to happen, and I had a shot at it. Then I didn't hear from her. For a Looooooooong time. I asked if the second volume was still happening, she sent out an email saying she was a busy author/editor, maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't, we were all free to sub our stories elsewhere. But if we didn't, we had a good shot at making it into the second volume. Okay, no problem. I'm a patient guy, a good shot sounded pretty good to me. So I waited some more, and some more. Followed her blog, saw the second volume mentioned every once in a while. Then nothing for a long time.

Yesterday, I saw the second volume was actually published. I never got a rejection, a polite kiss off, nothing. That is not cool. At least have the decency to communicate with the people who submit their stories to you, especially after such a long wait. Seeing that anthology was like a slap in the face after hearing nothing literally for years. I can take rejection, I get them all the time. The editor should have had the courtesy to send me one. Am I a little steamed my story didn't make the cut? You bet, but that's natural, normal. I've already submitted it elsewhere. But the way this went down cuts a little deeper. Maybe a lack of regard? Something. It's just not cool.