Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving DIS!

Happy Thanksgiving ! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Personally, mine was pretty good. A whole lot of relatives came together in Brooklyn where I live and we all had a great dinner at a local restaurant. This was absolutely fab, since it enabled many of us to not eat turkey as a main dish (I am not a big fan of turkey).

Anyway, I am back and ready for action, starting with the next episode of The Dark InSpectre! in which our hero gets clean, the hard way.

Here’s an excerpt:
The hallucinations weren’t much fun either, things crawling all over me, faces leering at me, Phil, Mary, Claire. And Sam, which drove me into a fit of suicidal depression, but Hank in his wisdom had removed all sharp objects from the basement. There were others crowding in my head, Marcus Ames, Clark Haskell, some hood named Slats who I wasn’t sure I even knew. And a voice, someone I recognized but couldn’t quite place. It made no sense and just added to my general confusion.

In my more lucid moments I caught the news on the vid screen. Turns out I’d been declared missing after disappearing from New Arden General and both of my investigations had been suspended. I ground my teeth in frustration.

Check the episode here!

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