Thursday, December 6, 2012

Double Wicked

One of my rare pleasures is receiving a hard copy of an anthology containing one of my stories. Holding it in my hands, reading through it, placing it in its special place on my shelf, these are the things I treasure. That is why I was growing concerned when, after like two and a half months, I still had not receieved my contributor's copy of the recent Something Wicked anthology. Granted, it had been sent from South Africa by mail, so I was prepared to wait, but the editor gave me a time frame, and it still hadn't arrived. So he created a special print on demand account and paid for another copy for those authors that never received the first one (there were four or five of us). The second copy I received in a few days, to my absolute delight. It looks great and is now one of my most valued literary posessions.

Then the first "lost" copy just arrived this evening. It was unexpected, and I shall immediately send a note to Joe Vaz, the editor of Something Wicked Magazine, that I got it, and sorry for all the trouble. But I'm also rubbing my hands together with glee, cuz now I've got two of them! hee hee!

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