Monday, December 10, 2012

Dark InSpectre Episode 63!

Episode 63 of The Dark InSpectre is now online, in which our hero does a ride-along in a junkie’s brain and learns that evil is afoot in his home town.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then the warm rush was going up Ricky’s arm as his head lolled and his eyes rolled. I felt myself getting caught up in the euphoria, the blissful cotton candy high. Scared of triggering a relapse, I walled myself off from it, fighting to keep separate as I focused instead on the impressions I was getting from Tines and his cronies.

They were all watching, expecting something. Tines was a little sad. He almost pitied Ricky. Reynolds was more curious, and Flacco didn’t give a crap.

I kept far away from the familiar serene joy while Ricky soared, a part of me desperate to go along for the ride. But then everything started going dark, Ricky’s brain coming down to earth as the tendrils of permanent sleep grabbed him and pulled him under. It was time to get out before I got caught, too.

Check the episode here.

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