Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm back

I spent the past month building up to the busiest week of the year last week for work in Washington DC. And now it's over. I got back home yesterday and took today off, dropped my youngest off at school (pouring rain, of course), got back home in a daze, slept for another hour and a half. Got up around noon, posted the next episode of The Dark InSpectre (see previous post). Did some voice work for a series being produced by my fabulous editor Crystalwizard.

Now that I'm back and things are relatively calm again at work (until I go to Chicago in 6 weeks), I should be able to get back to some serious writing again. I started another episode of the Dark InSpectre at the airport on my way back from DC, and I need to get moving post haste. And of course there's the crime novel, which is the thing I've been neglecting the most. In somewhat cool news, I picked up another follower of my Dark InSpecter series, which brings the number to an overwhelming 5. In addition, my page views for the series broke the 2,000 mark today. I know, these are modest, even miniscule numbers, but it's how I try and encourage myself. So yay me!

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