Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ups and Downs

Now that I'm back from vacation, things have been absolutely crazy at work. I have barely enough time to think.

Still, some interesting things have happened. First, on my editor's advice, I revamped and expanded Episode 4 of my Dark InSpectre series. It's almost completely new. I had a blast writing it. Felt great.

Then, I got a rejection on a story I've been waiting to hear about. I submitted something to Black Gate when they re-opened for a brief time. Black Gate is one of the few really good markets for sword and sorcery fiction, and I thought I had a good chance with my story. Turns out I did have a good chance. The rejection letter from editor John O'Neill was unbelievably complementary. I have to re-print it:


Thanks for the submission. I was very impressed with this one --it's fast paced and exciting, with a great opening. However, it's not as original in character and setting as a handful of others we're currently considering, and I found the exposition a little flat. I'm afraid I'll have to return it, with genuine regrets. We hope to re-open to submissions next year, and I hope we'll see something new from you. Warm regards,

- John

I was saddened that I just missed the cut. But honestly, these are the kind of rejection letters that give me hope and keep me doing what I'm doing.

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