Saturday, August 22, 2009

The waiting game

As I'm working on my continuing Dark InSpectre series, I have four other stories that are at various stages in the submission process at different publications, from just submitted to nine months and counting. The one that's been gathering dust the longest may be seeing a glimmer of daylight.

There was an anthology that came out last fall called Wolfsongs. The editor announced that she had so many good stories, several that didn't make it into the first volume would be held to go into a planned second volume (of course there were no guarantees, but the chances would be very good). My story was among the ones she's been holding onto.

Then came radio silence for a long while. This was because said editor, who is a fairly prolific author, got busy with her own books. I've been following her general progress on her blog (what else can an obsessive author do?) and she has just finished her latest book. She says that she will now turn to other projects. It is my hope that one of these will be the long awaited Wolfsongs 2.

Stay tuned...

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