Thursday, December 9, 2010

Novel News

Wanted to give a progress report on the crime novel I'm working on. From my plot outline and where I am in my head, I figure I'm exactly halfway done. I'm actually pretty proud of myself to have gotten to this point. It's been extremely challenging writing both the novel and The Dark InSpectre at the same time, and keeping chugging along has been difficult in the midst of my normally busy job/life/other commitments/etc.

But it's going, and I'm happy with it. I've written 5 chapters, planning on 10 and about 60,000 words. Not huge by any stretch, but an appropriate length for the story. Now, having said that, it'll probably grow longer, which is what my projects normally do. But the point is that it's getting done, bit by bit. And every time I get to work on it, I really enjoy doing it. :)

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