Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Son of a...!

Okay, time for a little venting. I have about 4 stories currently circulating in the wide world of short fiction I'm waiting to hear back on. Two of them, I've just learned that the markets that've been supposedly considering them have shut down, at virtually the same time! Both stories have been on hold for about 5 months. That's 5 months of silence, and then I learn from that both magazines: Spectra and Sinister Tales, have closed. I didn't even find out from the magazines themselves! Unbelievable, that pisses me off so much! And one of the stories had been on hold for a year at Something Wicked magazine last year before I found out that one shut down!

It's enough to give me a super massive migraine. Oh wait, I already have one. So now I have to find new venues and submit them all over again, and the clock will start from zero.

On a brighter note, the writer/editor who has been holding a story of mine for three years posted on her blog that the anthology it's meant for is an immediate project for her. So we'll see if she gets moving. Fingers crossed!

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