Friday, April 15, 2011

The Short List

Something new has happened over the past couple of weeks with a couple of my story submissions. On two occasions recently, I've gotten responses that my stories have been short listed. I'm taking this as really good news. I mean, the short list is better than no list, right? This does keep me waiting even longer, but hopefully the news will be good when I eventually get a final answer.

The first one is a re-print, so I'd be tickled if it does get an acceptance. I mean, sending off a re-print is absolutely no effort at all. I do it basically to get a free book to read. The second one is interesting. I got an email out of the blue from the editor of Something Wicked magazine. Remember that pub? The one I subbed to which then went out of business without communicating with any of the authors? Well after a year of dormancy, the guy emailed me (he even contacted me through my web site) to tell me Something Wicked is coming back, hopefully as soon as June, and my story has been short listed - can I send him an electronic version?

You betcha! Let the waiting continue.

Oh, and I'm blogging about creative writing over at Abandoned Towers Magazine today. Check it out!

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