Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Double Shot

I've gotten two acceptances recently, and I am totally psyched. My story "Forge of the Soul" was accepted by Something Wicked Magazine. They've been dormant for a year, but now they're relaunching their site and publication next week as an online magazine that sells e-books via Amazon. Originally, I submitted the piece to them a year ago, and then they ceased publishing and it looked like they might have gone under. I was extremely pissed at the time, they didn't even contact any of the authors to let them know. In the back of my mind, I said to myself, "you know, self, I bet you're going to futz around with this story for a year, not get it sold anywhere, then SW will come back, and they'll accept it. And you'll have to swallow how pissed you were." And I'll be damned but that's exactly what happened.

My second story acceptance comes from the Pulp Enpire anthology, Pirates and Swashbucklers. This one was more tricky. I originally subbed this one, titled "Voyage of the Hangman," to Flashing Swords Magazine, then they went under. Then they said they were coming back and everybody should re-sub, so I did. Eight months later, nobody had heard anything from them, so we all assumed they were dead. Therefore, I subbed to the Pulp Empire anthology. A month or so later, a message appears on a bulletin board from the editor of Flashing Swords: we're still here, we'll be replying to everyone soon. So I inadvertently subbed to both markets at the same time. However, it's been a few months, and still no one has heard from Flashing Swords. Then I got accepted from Pulp Empire. I went through some mental angst for a few days, then decided to forget Flashing Swords and go with the publication that actually exists and wants my story.

Both stories should be out within the next month. These are two that I've been working on and submitting for a long time. It's extremely gratifying that they're finally seeing print. :)

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