Sunday, October 23, 2011

Separation Anxiety

It's about two weeks until the big annual meeting for my work in San Farncisco. I'll be gone for a week, and work gets completely ludicrous leading up to that point. What that means is my writing time gets very fractured. Grab a few minutes here, a few there. But I try and keep chugging along.

For the novel it's been a very strange month or two. On my wife's first read through, I was keeping up with her edits at a frantic pace, chomping at the bit to revise as I steam rolled through the manuscript. Then I realized I was getting a little too nuts about it and had to put it down for a week or so. The fresh perspective really helps, let me tell you.

I just finished my wife's last edits today, and I'll give it one last read through before I hand it in, but I'm not going to get all tear-my-hair out loco about it like last time. I had originally wanted to send it in before the San Fran trip, but if that doesn't happen, no biggee. I have this vision of me reading it on the plane (I find plane trips are great for getting some work done). So we'll see. But either way, this thing is going to be done in the very near future.

It's weird how I view it presently. I worked on it steadily for over a year, had every tiny twist of the plot firmly in my head. I worked on it in my sleep (not kidding). Now, it's kinda distant, and emotionally I'm fairly separate from it. Maybe that's because in my mind it's finished and I'm moving on. Maybe it's a defense mechanism for when my editor tells me it sucks. Maybe I'm just burnt out after simultaneously writing two big projects at the same time for over a year. Either way, it's a strange feeling. This will be my first published novel (cross my fingers). You'd think I'd be more psyched about it. I'm sure that'll change as I give it one more perusal and the story starts flowing in my mind again.

But regardless, this baby is getting released from the comfy confines of my computer soon. We'll see if it survives in the wild.

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