Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Calling...?

Tired of querying and querying and getting no responses on my crime/thriller novel, I tried something a little different. In a completely random internet search, I ran across this, a competition sponsored by a literary agency seeking to start a line of crime/thriller/suspense books. They wanted the first 8,000 words, a synopsis and a couple of other little things that I had at my fingertips. Wow, I thought, when's the deadline? End of July. Okay, that's soon, but I can certainly do it. What's at stake? The winner, or winners, get an offer of representation. Runners up get detailed editorial feedback. Awesome, frankly, I'd be happy with feedback. I looked up the agency, and they seem to be reputable, but based in... London. Do I care? I paused for a couple of minutes thinking about it. No, I don't, especially after learning they have a US subsidiary agent to handle stuff in the states. Besides, I'd just be happy with some meaningful feedback. So I put the submission together and sent the whole thing off. Cheery-o, mate!

In other news, I finished my Treasure of the Moon Goddess story for the Pirates and Swashbucklers II anthology, published by Pulp Empire. I'm very happy with it, though it did run a bit long. The editor asked for about 10,000 words, and it came in at 13,000. I mean, once it gets that long, does a little more really matter? I don't think so either! :) So I sent it in, which took a big load off my mind since he wanted it by end of July. Haven't heard back, though, so fingers crossed and hope he likes it!

Anyway, now that that's done, I can hopefully steam ahead again on the Dark InSpectre. We're really coming down the home stretch of episodes as I can very much envision the end now. Hang on for the ride!

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