Monday, September 7, 2009

Up up and away...

Work is getting more and more intense the closer we get to our annual meeting in San Francisco. Nevertheless, there has been a lot of activity around a couple of my stories. I put up the next episode of The Dark InSpectre, and the day after that, Damnation Books launched, featuring my story, The Killer Within.

There was a virtual launch party on the Damnation author/reader group online. My email was going crazy. The publisher has been keeping us all updated regarding where our books are available, Amazon, B&N, Kindle, and a whole range of online booksellers that I never heard of. That's all cool, but I'm not exactly sure if I need to do anything to capitalize on that. I mean, should I include links to all of these whenever I post somewhere? I really don't know. I'm just not that marketing savvy about this stuff.

I still have 4 stories out in the ether I'm waiting to hear back about. One publication says they'll get back regarding a submission within 60 days, which for me is this week sometime. Fingers crossed!

Slightly worse news on a story of mine that's been out there for a loooong time. I was hoping that a particular author/editor would now have time to put together the long-promised second anthology for which my story has been gathering dust. But she recently said she's turning to another book project of her own. Sigh...

As far as my own writing, I managed to eke out a tiny bit more on the short story I've been working on, but with work the way it is, I'm just not going to be able to do much more for a bit. I'm actually looking forward to my flight to San Francisco so I can write!

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