Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Novel Summer

As hoped for, the summer has provided me with a really good opportunity to cruise ahead with the novel writing. This is primarily because my older boy is in sleepaway camp. It's amazing the difference between two and one children. The time gained is like on a logarithmic scale. Also, my wife understands that I'm counting on finishing this bad boy in the next month or so, and she has been incredibly gracious in keeping my younger son occupied on the weekends so I can write.

And I've been doing it! I am at the end of chapter 11. One more chapter to go. Not even sure if I'll need an extra bit for an epilogue. We're talking the end is really full on 3-D big screen iMax in sight. Then I'll give the whole thing a read through, let the wife read it, and send it in to my editor. I can't tell you how relieved/excited/drained I will be when this is done. I knew it would be a challenging/mind crushing task to write this at the same time as I am writing my Dark InSpectre series. It's basically been writing two novels at the same time. But how often do you have an editor/publisher ASK you to write a novel for them? What was I gonna say: naw, I'll pass?

So I committed to doing it. It's taken about a year, and I've just got a little more to go. Of course, it could still suck...

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