Monday, March 18, 2013

Back From Trip, and Episode 69

I got back from a business trip to San Francisco last week. It was completely exhausting, but I still found time to address the latest edits on my manuscript from my editor, who has definitely slowed down over the past month. It's now not uncommon for a week or two to go by before I get a new chapter from her. I know she's busy, so I'm just staying patient. But still, there's just two chapters left! C'mon, let's get'er done! (I find that expression hysterical and ridiculous).

In the meantime, here's Episode 69 of the Dark InSpectre, in which our hero finds himself a bit tied up at the moment.

Here’s an excerpt:
I stopped for a moment as my focus slipped, the pain in my head causing everything to go hazy. The smell of the cleaning supplies clogged my nose and the ties around my ankles and wrists cut off circulation.

I centered again, sending my thoughts out to the bar area. There were a bunch of guys who vibed thug sitting at the end, their eyes trained on a door around the corner of the bar. One of them was Slats Capezzi. Tied up in my dark, cramped closet, my feet and hands going numb, I smiled.

Check the episode here.

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