Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cover Me

Things are still slow on the editing front, I haven't heard from my editor in like two weeks, even though there are only 2 chapters to go for revising in my novel. But that doesn't mean stuff isn't happening. I got an email from my publisher the other day with a preliminary sketch of the proposed cover. I practically passed out from the coolness of it!

It was created from one of three different action scenes I described to them, letting the artist choose the one he felt most appropriate. The one they went with was a scene with the female lead holding a gun on the main character, while the door behind him bursts open and he's subdued by some thugs.

So we have chick with gun plus macho violence. Awesome factor of 11. I gave a couple suggestions about making the main character appear a little older and the thugs bigger (they are thugs after all), but that was it. I cannot wait to see the next iteration. It's basically a dream (shared by all early-stage authors I imagine) to collaborate on the cover of my first novel, and I'm totally psyched at how it's shaping up.

Now if we could only keep the actual manuscript moving along...

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