Saturday, February 20, 2010

Killer Review

Just got a new review for my short story, The Killer Within, from the review site, The Pagan and the Pen. Four out of five tarot cards. Here's the skinny:

"This short read was action packed from page one to the ending. I'm a mystery/suspense buff anyway, so this one had me from the title. The story is exciting, believable and well written, all though I found a few minor editing issues, but nothing that distracted from the story at all. My biggest complaint with this story is the length. I wanted more! There is much more to Frank Arnold and in this story, we only get little glimpses of who the man really is and what his life is about. I hope Mr. Kahn is at his computer writing the next installment of Frank's life because inquiring minds want to know! This would make a fine novel and I look forward to reading whatever the author has in store next."

You can also check out the review here.

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