Thursday, February 18, 2010


This morning when I got to work, I got an email with the latest edits for the next episode of the Dark InSpectre, the penultimate episode in the current story arc. There were a lot of edits. I groaned inwardly and was NOT enthused about attacking them. It didn't help that I'm recovering from a horrific migraine and really don't want to use the parts of my brain involved in critical thinking and creativity, you know, those things involved in "work."

But late in the day I did turn my attention to the piece. And you know what? The juices started flowing. The edits and suggestions were all spot on, as they usually are, and they spurred me to make the episode significantly better. So what does that tell you? It tells me that even if I'm not feeling that great, TFB: Get to f---ing work!

On another note, as I've mentioned before, Something Wicked magazine says on it's web site that submissions will re-open in March, which is in just 11 days. And I haven't even heard word one about the piece I submitted back in April 2009! WTF!

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