Saturday, March 6, 2010

The final episode, and choices

First of all, the final episode of the Dark InSpectre is now revised, approved by my editor, and locked. It's ready to go a week from Monday, and it'll kick your ass.

In other news, after 3 months, I got one of my stories rejected. It's a hard sci-fi piece, and it's very early in the submission process. I've submitted only to a few top of the heap places, so the rejection is not unexpected, and normally I would just submit again to the next market on the list.

However, there happens to be a themed anthology that my story would seem very well suited for. So I am faced with a choice. Do I just keep submitting as I normally would? Or do I fix up my story and ship it off to the anthology? I have absolutely no guarantee of it getting accepted to the anthology. But I think it will. And my fear is that it would get accepted, thereby preventing it from getting in a pro or semi-pro market.

This may seem crazy and incredibly conceited, but I believe in the piece and it's the way I think. If I didn't think this way, I wouldn't have the nerve to send any of my stories out at all. So there you have it. What to do, what to do...

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