Tuesday, July 27, 2010

El Chapter Tercero

I finished Chapter 3 last night of the crime novel I've been working on. I consider this a pretty significant milestone that I was able to do this in a relatively short amount of time while keeping up my obligation with the Dark InSpectre and my normally hectic life and not so good health status. So f&#k yeah for me!

Now comes the read-review-revise part, which I will start tonight and continue over the next couple of days. Then the wife will read it (she wants me to email it to her as a pdf so she can read it on her brand spanking new kindle, not sure how that's going to work). While she's reading it I'll write a plot overview, then I'll send the whole kit'n kaboodle off to my editor, and see if it sucks. (I kind'a like it, so far. So fingers crossed).

In other news, a reprint I'd forgotten about got rejected from an anthology I'd submitted it to. That didn't phase me too much. I'm still waiting to hear from two markets that are WAY due. Lacuna and Abyss & Apex. Lacuna I think I have a realistic shot at, A&A I'm assuming I'll get rejected, but get good comments to revise and submit elsewhere.

That's all for now...!

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