Sunday, August 1, 2010

So now I'm writing a novel...

I finished reviewing and revising the first three chapters and the plot overview and sent it in. Within a half an hour, that's right, thirty minutes, my editor got back to me and gave the green light to go ahead with the whole manuscript. She really liked it. I found the plot overview very interesting to write. It really forced me to figure out in my head step by step where this story is logically going to go. Of course things can and will probably change, but it was a valuable exercise that I should probably do more often.

I liked my wife's reaction best. She looked at my editor's very positive response and turned to me and said, "so now you're writing a novel." Priceless. (she meant that in a good way). So the storyline of the novel is a straight crime fiction drama, no scifi whatsoever, very hardhitting.

So now what? Right now I take a breath. I've been writing at a very hard pace lately both on the first three chapters and the Dark InSpectre series. Doing both at the same time has been tough. I'm going to ease up just a wee bit on the novel over the next week or two, and then dive back in. But right now it's all good. Let's hope I can keep it up. And stay tuned for Episode 9 of Dark InSpectre tomorrow!

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