Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After more massive work on re-claiming lost computer files, finally got back into writing some more on the new crime novel today. It had been a while, so I re-read the first three chapters to get the feel again, then picked up where I left off with the start of chapter 4. Felt good, got back in the flow.

Tomorrow, though, have to switch gears back to the Dark InSpectre with a new episode, where things are really picking up at a wicked pace, so stay tuned! And then after I post, I'll write another new episode about four episode's ahead since that's about how far out I like to keep in terms of the story in my head. And then maybe I can get back to the crime novel, and then I have another guest blog post over at Abandoned Towers this Friday!

So even though it seems like I'm not doing very much, in reality I guess I am. Then why won't my little voice stop nagging at me to get back to work...?

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