Thursday, August 5, 2010

Idle musings

I was poking around some of the other series produced by my editor/publisher in addition to The Dark InSpectre and saw something interesting. Her publishing company, Cyberwizard Productions, is taking one of them, Knight Terrors: The (mis)Adventures of Smoke the Dragon, and turning it into a book. The series is close to wrapping up and she's taking all the episodes and putting them together into a print piece. She posted the cover online. It's pretty sweet.

Just got me thinking. Wonder if that'll happen with my series. That would be cool. Just by my rough estimation, I'd say it's not quite at the halfway mark yet of the current storyline. By the time it would reach the last episode, the whole series would probably be about book length. Of course, I have no idea if anyone would buy it, aside from my friends and family of course (love ya mom!), but it would still be pretty cool. Okay, daydreaming over. Back to work. Though I wonder what the cover would look like. And who would play Jack in the movie...

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