Monday, August 9, 2010

The return of GN/BN

Yes, it's time once again for Good News/Bad News.

Good News: My editor/publisher really liked the first three chapters and plot overview I handed in of the crime novel I started, so she green lighted me and I'm off and running with it!

Bad News: I just got another soul crushing rejection of a short story I submitted back in May to a market that usually gives good feedback, but this time gave none.

Good News: Audio episode 3 of Unfinished Business just ran on the Beam Me up podcast, which is always cool exposure for me.

Bad news: my home computer went kablooey and I spent all weekend fixing it, so got absolutely no writing done whatsoever, and it's still not completely fixed

Good News: My reasonably sucessful (by my low standards) series the Dark InSpectre is going well and I'm just entering a completely wild set of episodes that will send events spinning off in a very cool direction.

Bad news: my health has been absolutely crap and I've felt completely awful; getting hit with migraines several times a week, also nasty drug side effects. Not fun at all.

So what's the tally? Bad news 3, Good news 3. It's all tied up. I could go either way. C'mon, gimme some good news...!


  1. Good News: We didn't have a tornado today, which apparently, for Montana, is abnormal. :-)

    Good News: Harlequin wants to see my full manuscript. (Bad News: It's in pretty bad shape and needs a lot of editing, but....) More Good News: I have all week to work on it!

    I'm sorry to hear about your health. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. That's awesome news about your manuscript Rebecca. Way to go!