Friday, June 3, 2011

Best Left Buried, TOC

This is the the TOC for the Best Left Buried anthology, which should be coming out in a couple of weeks. Hint: mine is number 3!

Introduction by Gregory Miller
Finder Kept by Brandon Rucker
Stay With Me by Dorothy Davies
The Emerald Heart by Jason Kahn
The Collection by Darren Gallagher
Hokey Pokey by Ken Goldman
Dig Your Own Grave by Doug MacKenzie
Mrs. Yeknom by Bruce Harris
The Gift by Bruce Memblatt
Irrecoverable by Paul Edwards
Just One of Those Days by Rick McQuiston
Accelleratii Revengulus by Paul DeCirce
Suffering for Her Art by Darren W. Pearce and Neal Levin
Mother Misery by Dorothy Davies
American Idol by Jamie Schmidt
Shoes by A. J. French
The House Within by K. R. Hager
Street View by Aoife MacCormac
The Longest Stay by Andy Echevarria
Dust and Bones by Emma Ennis
The Pleasing of the Ring by J. Douglas Stephenson
The House on the Hill by Thomas M. Malafarina
Soaked to the Bone, Chilled to the Soul by Suzanne Robb
Lillian Sweeney’s Music by Gregory Miller
Be Careful What You Wish For by Herika R. Raymer

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