Friday, June 17, 2011

New Story Out!

The new Static Movement anthology, Best Left Buried, with a short story by yours truly, hit today.

The anthology is all about curses. No, not the things you scream at sporting events or in traffic, but cursed objects and things like that. My story is called The Emerald Heart. I'm psyched to see it in print. It's a story I put on the shelf like seven or eight years ago and frankly forgot about. But when I saw the call for submissions for this anthology, I was like, hey, I actually have something. So I dusted it off, chopped about 3,500 words out of it, and sent it in. And voila!

Here's an excerpt:

The older woman lay on the floor while the little girl – she looked like she was around five – lay in the bed. Both had been butchered, the woman had her throat torn out and her nightgown rent to shreds, revealing several horrific tears in her body. The girl, meanwhile, had one of her arms severed and half her face ripped off. They both lay in pools of blood. Reeja bent over, putting his hand against his mouth, fighting the urge to wretch at seeing such carnage up close. It looked like some beast had gotten loose in the mansion, Reeja thought, trying to find some explanation for the savagery.

All reason, however, quickly fled when the dead woman moved. Reeja felt prickling dread steal up his spine as she slowly sat upright, raising her torso in a completely unnatural movement. The girl, too, began to stir, lifting herself up on her one arm, looking at Reeja with one eye half in its socket.

“The heart,” the girl whispered in a rasp of what had once been her voice.

“Seek the heart,” the woman echoed, the movement of her vocal chords sickeningly evident in what remained of her throat.

Reeja stood there, his feet rooted to the floor as growing terror transfixed his body, rendering him motionless.

That's right, folks, this story's chock full of zombie goodness!

Check the cover and buy yo'self a copy:

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