Monday, September 17, 2012

New Dark InSpectre Episode

I may have taken off for the Jewish Holidays, but the Dark InSpectre’s still hard at work. Episode 57 is now online, in which our hero manages to rescue his sister, but at a heart-braking cost.

Here’s an excerpt:

Then there was gun and las-fire, a lot of it, coming from her location. “Sam, what’s going on?” I demanded. 

I was so used to her mind, even from a distance I could feel her fierce, desperate joy as she replied.

“I’ve got them occupied, Jack, get Claire out of there.” There was a painful gasp followed by a detonation as she set off another explosive.

Somehow, I kept my feet moving. “Sam, please don’t…” But what was I going to say? She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Just promise me one thing, Jack.” She was panting and her mental signature was erratic. “Make the bastards pay.”

Check the episode here. Enjoy!

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