Monday, February 18, 2013

DIS Episode 67!

It might be Presidents Day, but it's no day off for The Dark InSpectre. Episode 67 is now online, in which our hero learns the shocking identity of a certain ever-changing villain.

Here's an excerpt:
Heske wiped the blade on Walter’s shirt as he lay there looking up, eyes wide, the light going out of them. Then Heske chuckled to himself and walked out, muttering to himself, “too bad I don’t have time for a snack.” 

I bowed my head and let the echoes dissolve until I was back in the present. Even with my eyes shut I could feel the presence in the room. I raised my head and there he was, the translucent form of the deceased Walter Boyd just a few feet away, his stomach dark with slash marks. 

Boyd gave a mock bow. I trust you enjoyed the show.

Check the episode here.

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