Saturday, February 9, 2013

Novel Progress

I was getting worried because I hadn't heard from my editor in a few days. This brought up a host of bad feelings and paranoia, cuz as some of you may know, my previous editor/publisher had a habit of falling off the face of the earth and staying out of contact for months at a time, much to my frustration.

But huzzah, it turns out my new editor just has the flu! Actually I feel really bad cuz the flu sucks. But she has been able to keep up a reasonable pace with the edits. She's sent me 5 chapters, each of which I've promptly sent back to her. It's going really well, no major plot problems, all stuff that's easily fixable in terms of cleaning up language, etc.

Of course, the way my stupid brain works, I start thinking, why isn't she pointing out bigger things to fix? Maybe she's only reading this on a superficial level? Because, you know, I'm so insecure that I can't possibly accept the fact that my book might actually be pretty good, or at least not terrible.

So, like I said, we've been through 5 chapters, which means 6 to go. After we're done, my editor will read through the whole thing again and see if there are any further issues. And once that's done, it goes to the publisher, at which point, if everybody's happy, I'll sign a contract.

After the first round of edits are done, though, I'm going to ask her advice regarding the title. I'm not thrilled with it, and I will certainly listen to any suggestions she has. When I write something, if a title doesn't come immediately to me, then I struggle with it, and that's what happened with the novel. The title is okay, even serviceable, but there's gotta be something that when I hear it, it just fits. And that hasn't happened yet.

But anyway, that's a little bit down the road. For now, I'm workin' on edits as fast as they come at me, and lovin' every minute of it. :)

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