Sunday, April 28, 2013

Author Paging

Seeing as my first novel is going to come out later this year (still waiting on an exact date), my thoughts have been turning to the business of promotion, publicity, and other non-writerly aspects of authorship. So I have made author pages for myself on Goodreads and Amazon. This is all new to me, so hopefully I've set them up correctly, and I hope to start interacting with other readers and authors through them, especially around the time my book, Badge of Lies, comes out. The pages themselves were pretty easy to set up, though for three of the anthologies I'm on Amazon wasn't able to add them to my profile right away. I've had to email Amazon support and hopefully they'll push my requests through.

Next up will be identifying some blogs and review sites in my genre to contact and set up interviews, etc.

But whatever, I'm now an author presence! Feel my literary might! (yawn...)

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