Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Final Final

I handed it in, the final, final draft of my pulp detective novel. My editor put all the chapter edits together and sent it back to me for one more read through. I spent the last three days doing that, punching up the language (MOAR cursing!) and making the few sex depictions more graphic (MOAR sexiness!). The beginning was also somewhat out of order, so I fixed that by moving some scenes around. As a result, I pretty much read the whole thing again. And you know what? I liked it. I liked my book, I liked what I wrote and how I wrote it. It's my first novel and I'm unbelievably excited to see it in print.

When's that going to happen? Not sure, I asked my editor. Sometime later this year but exactly when I don't know. The cover art also kicks ass and I can't wait to post a jpg of it. And we settled on a title: Badge of Lies.

So that's it, the book is in the can. Soon will come all the promotional stuff that I don't have any idea about but will nonetheless do. Even if I can't stand blowing my own horn.

It's been a long journey to this point, from writing on the weekends two summers ago while my wife kept my younger son busy, to my then publisher going belly up and leaving me high and dry, to finding a new, better home for my story after I just would not stop trying to find one.

I've learned a lot writing and re-writing Badge of Lies. I've learned that sometimes, you have to approach it like a job, writing even when you don't feel like it. I've learned that my wife is one of the harshest, fairest critics I have ever encountered (though I kind of knew that already). I've learned to trust my instincts and tell my story the way it needs to be told. I've learned that I am a writer.

Even now I hesitate before putting that down, always having been of the opinion that even though I've written countless short stories and an online series, I do not qualify according to the classic definition. In short, I didn't have a book published. No longer. This is happening, I'm a writer.

And soon, the Dark InSpectre will be done, as the series hurtles like a freight train on fire to it's exciting conclusion.  Maybe I just have some plans for that, too...

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