Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Reviews Are In! (Well, one anyway)

Got my first review of Badge of Lies from Nadine over at her My Addiction Blog.

I'm very grateful to Nadine for taking the time to read my book, and happy to report that it's a good review. It's hopefully the first of many more, but this one will always be special cuz it's my first novel, and my first review. So yay, warm fuzzies all around!

Here's an excerpt:
What makes this novel so intriguing – at least for me - is the fact that Jason Kahn went out of his way to throw readers into the explicit truths of not only the main character but also that of the friend – Mitch Connell, who he mourns. The story is weaved majestically between the faltered main character and his obsession to unravel the secrets his friend had tried to carry to his grave.
And a link to the whole review. Check it out!

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