Sunday, July 21, 2013

What Now Brown Cow?

Let's review where things stand.

Point one: My debut novel, Badge of Lies, came out last month. I couldn't be more psyched about it. It's gotten one positive review so far and hopefully more are on the way (it's only gotten 1 review total at this point).

Point two: I've already edited and submitted the entire Dark InSpectre series to my publisher and am waiting to hear back about it. It's TBD as far as what kind of format they want to publish it in: digest? webisodes? doesn't really matter to me. I consider it a totally unique vision and am just excited to see it out there in some form.

So where does that leave me in terms of what I'm working on? Well, the Dark InSpectre is finished, the last episode posted a few weeks ago. that's done. As I said, I'm just waiting to hear back from my publisher. Once I do, I'm sure there'll be edits, etc. Which will be all normal and good.

But that's not new material. I'm a writer. Writer's write. What's next? Has to be a sequal to Badge of Lies. I have a couple ideas chasing around in my head that seem promising, but they haven't quite gelled into a coherent whole. but more importantly, I have an opening scene, and I know that's where I need to start.

The problem? My health has not been good lately, and that could be a problem moving forward, especially if I'm trying to get back to writing regularly. But whatever, writer's write. I've got an opening scene, that's where I'll start. Where it takes me....? Well, that's the whole fun of it, isn't it?

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