Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back from the road

I got home from my business trip to Orlando on Thursday, completely exhausted and spent. First, a word about Orlando. Unless you're going to Disney, there's absolutely no reason to go there. It's basically one big strip mall, and not even a good one. I'm not even sure why people live there at all.

However, on the flight back and the following couple of days, I have finished revisions on the current short story I've been working on. I just posted it again on the Baen's Universe slush board. I believe this is going to be it. Any further revisions that are suggested I will deal with and then start submitting the story around. It's very good to get this one done, it's an idea that's been in my head for a long time.

And then, faithful fans, I will start writing the next story arc for The Dark InSpectre, and believe me, I've got some absolutely wicked stuff planned, heh, heh. I guess that's the good thing about delaying the next arc until I was done with the short story I was writing. It's given half of my brain time to think about Dark InSpectre and plan.

Of course, now I have a migraine and feel like crap, so serious writing will have to wait a bit. But it's all coming together.

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