Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good news / bad news

Good news: I got some good writing done on my short story last night and the scene I'm working on is really coming together.

Bad news: I stayed up way late to do it, and so feel like crap today.

Good news: I'm going to be guest blogging at the site of one of my fellow Damnation Books authors in December, which will be cool. Her name is Naomi Clark, and judging by her site (, she's written a lot of interesting stuff.

Bad news: The author/editor who has been sitting on my story for the Wolfsongs II anthology just posted her schedule for upcoming projects she wants to get done over the next few months. Wolfsongs didn't even make the list. Sigh...

That's it. Good news - 2, Bad news - 2. It's all tied up.

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