Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good news vs. Bad news cont'd

Good news: Episode 9 of the Dark InSpectre just went out, it rocks.

Bad News: Flashing Swords magazine, which I had submitted a story to, just winked out of existence.

Good news: I picked up another follower of the Dark InSpectre, yay! That makes 4!

Bad News: That's only 4.

Good News: I'm going to do a couple of blog interviews in the next couple of weeks, which will hopefully get my name and The Dark InSpectre out there.

Bad News: I thought I was pretty much done revising the short story I'm working on. Turns out it needs more work.

Good News: It will make for a better story, and I stayed up late working on it, so it's in pretty good shape.

Bad News: Another story of mine just got rejected from an anthology, bummer.

Good News: a tip from my editor helped me figure out how to do scrolling on my personal web site (www.jrkahn.com), so I was able to post another extremely positive review of The Killer Within. Yay!

Final Score: Good news - 5, Bad news - 4. Yay, Good News ahead by a nose. I'll take it!

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