Tuesday, December 1, 2009

After the turkey

Back from Thanksgiving. I ate too much, 'nuff said.

Couple of interesting things. The story I've been working on is as ready as it's going to be. I'm now deciding which market to try first. Then I will send it out into the void.

Another story of mine, The Devil You Know, I subbed to a relatively new market called Strangetastic. We'll see...

I don't know what I'm going to do with my story that was subbed to Flashing Swords, which just folded. I think I'll sit on it for a while.

In blogging news, I sent my post over to fellow Damnation Books author Naomi Clark for her to post on her site on Dec. 7. And she sent me her post to put up here on Dec. 8. I am also set to guest blog at another place called the Long and the Short of It on January 8. Kim, the publisher at Damnation Books, suggested it as a good place to get some publicity. It seems kind of a romance-oriented site, but I guess I can reach a different audience there...? Whatever, it's an opportunity and I'm doing it.

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