Saturday, December 19, 2009

writing in the cold

It's been absolutely freezing outside. But Simon, my older boy had karate today, so I jumped at the chance to take him cuz that means some good writing time for me. The dojo where he trains is not particularly weather resistant, so whatever the temperature is outside, it's pretty close to that inside. I just wrote while wearing several layers. I actually did a good amount of revising of upcoming episodes of the Dark InSpectre. Felt good, every time I work on it I manage to make it darker, grittier. The next chance I get to write, I'll work on the new story arc.

I got an unbelievably quick rejection from F&SF Magazine for my most recent short story. Not unexpected, but depressing nonetheless. I'm going to wait till after New Year's and then submit to a new, start-up webzine that's paying pro rates.

I've been worrying about another story of mine, which I submitted to Something Wicked magazine in April. It's not that they haven't given me a response, I've waited longer for responses from other mag's. It's that there seems to be nothing happening at all with the magazine. It's like radio silence. I know they're trying to go from a print to a digital mag. To me that means one of two things, either they'll announce how the next issue is progressing after New Year's, or they'll just chuck it and call it quits. Hopefully it will be the former.

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