Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monopoly money

I have a PayPal account, and I've received a couple of payments into it lately, for my short story/e-book The Killer Within and for the last few episodes of The Dark InSpectre. Here's my question: is this real money? I honestly don't know. From what I understand, I can use this money toward online purchases at sites that accept PayPal payments. Is that it? Can I apply the money to my credit card? Can I magically turn it into hard currency in my hand? I don't have much of an understanding of how PayPal works. I got the account mainly because a lot of short story markets will only pay via PayPal, and many publishers strongly prefer it. That's pretty much the extent of my understanding. If anybody could drop some knowledge on me, I'd appreciate it.

In other news, the author/editor for the Wolfsongs anthology has once again stated on her blog that she intends to re-start working on the second edition, so hope springs eternal for my short story.

But more importantly, I've sent my newly finished short story, titled Music and Magnetism, out into the void. I am starting at the high-end, most prestigious market and will work my way down. Who knows where the spinning roulette wheel will stop. And this, in turn, has left me free to at last begin writing the next story arc for the Dark InSpectre. I've written the first few paragraphs, I'm totally psyched.

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