Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging and Antho update

Couple of interesting things going on. First episode in the new story arc of The Dark InSpectre dropped on Monday, seemed to get good traffic.

Also, met an author through my Damnation Books listserv who's interested in swapping blog interview spots. Her name is Kelly A. Harmon, and like me she's a journalist who got into fiction writing. She seems about at the same stage as me, too, a couple of short stories here and there, looking for some good marketing. I look forward to interviewing her and showcasing her stuff on this blog in early May when we get some dates set.

A very interesting discussion has broken out on the bulletin board for that disaster-themed anthology I submitted to, the one that suddenly committed to a three and possibly four-book series. Well, some other authors had the same concerns I did in terms of potentially getting accepted and then not having your story actually hit print till book two or three, which could take years. Someone else raised the point that maybe the editor should go through all the submissions and make sure they have enough quality pieces to support three books before comitting to that, which I think is an excellent point. Someone else noticed that this particular publisher, The Library of Science Fiction and Fantasy, is starting and posting calls for new anthologies faster than they have them coming out, and that maybe they're moving a bit too fast.

All these seem like legitimate concerns to me. In response, the editor for the anthology I'm interested in announced that he now has a co-editor to split the work and so things will move quickly, which I take as a positive sign. In addition, the deadline for submissions is still the end of April, so I guess we'll just see what happens...

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