Monday, April 12, 2010

In Plain Sight, Episode 1

The first episode of the new storyline in The Dark InSpectre series is now up. It kicks off with a bang. Here's an excerpt:

I flashed on the aftermath of Jimmy’s death. Most of the Department had been out looking for me. When my fellow cops finally arrived, Franken and a couple of uniforms were the first ones there. I was half dead, crazed, and drugged out of my mind. Mary was huddled in her bedroom with the kids, and I just stood in front of the door like a guard dog. Nobody was getting in.

The uniforms find Jimmy’s body, and Franken informs me we’ve got seven, eight minutes before the rest of the force arrives. He knows I’m protecting Mary’s role in whatever went down, tells me he’ll do his best to keep her out of it. The price: I come clean, right now. I looked at him, swaying on my feet; I couldn’t even get a surface read. I rolled the dice, told him everything.

Click and enjoy the ride:

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