Sunday, January 15, 2012

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The bare-bones Dark InSpectre site is back up. The the new theme and banner graphic have not been downloaded yet (still waiting for my editor to do that), but it's functional and I've started fooling around with it, installing some widgets, etc. I've also started uploading all the original episodes. I'm about halfway done. Hopefully my editor can find some time to add her own touches to the site and I can send out that long-awaited email welcoming everybody back. I think I'll post a double new episode for everybody along with a thanks for being so patient. There are still lots of little details to work out with the site, how to moderate comments, how to upload the audio episodes. But it's all finally happening. So yay!

In other news, I just happened to run across my story from that Pirates and Swashbucklers anthology on the publisher's website being offered for free as an enticement to buy the anthology. So if you want to read it for free, check it out here. And if you like it, buy the whole book, all the stories are really good, I swear!

And speaking of that anthology, the editor just emailed me to verify my PayPal account. It seems like I'm actually going to get paid for it, woohoo! Of course, it's all PayPal money, which I regard as monopoly money, but still pretty cool, right?

AND I'm about halfway through a new short story I've had in my head for a long time. So double yay! I definitely seem to have emerged from the morose stasis field I was caught in when it came to my various writing endeavors. Thank god, it was getting depressing for a while there. But things seem to be picking up at last!

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